When you wake up and start your day, do you shine? Do you give light and warmth to others? What about when the evening comes about, do you still allow that shine to give light?

We all have those days when we really do not want to shine. We have “cloudy” days. Real cloudy days when it is dark and ominous. Even on those days the sun shines and so should we. 

This week’s Parsha starts with the lighting of the menorah, reminding us to be a light. Just as the sun shines into the night and gives light to the moon, we too have the power to be a light even when seemingly obscured.

What can you do to shine this week?

Have a shining sweet Shabbos,

Rabbi Mendel Schusterman

P.S. Are you into Jewish linguistics?

When the sun rises in the East (Mizrach), it shines (Zarach)
and continues to shine until it starts to set in the West (Maariv),
it becomes evening (Erev), making it harder to differentiate between the mixture (Eiruv) of right and wrong.

Since we have been shining all day, the nighttime and the moonlight can be sweet (Arev).

Have an amazing Shabbos!