On Shavous, the holiday in which we received the Torah, this Sunday and Monday, we wish each other a Chag Sameach or Gut Yom Tov. The Lubavitcher Rebbe would add a special greeting: “Kabbalas HaTorah B’Simcha U’B’Pnimiyus”, may you receive the Torah with joy and in pnimiyus (with Inwardness, internally).

I often wonder what it means to receive the Torah with Pnimiyus.  Pnimiyus translates as inwardness or internally. This year I had an insight. When one receives the Torah with a joy that it permeates them and they feel like they have truly received a gift, then the Torah becomes a personal treasure, something they hold dear. 

A result of this perspective is, that even when it gets tough to feel joyous when observing the Torah commandments, we view and maintain the mitzvahs we do. This is similar to how we view  other precious possessions, despite the effort involved and we do so with joy.

All the gifts that we have in our lives take effort to maintain. Good relationships, our car, our health and our happiness, etc. all require effort to keep them functioning and meaningful.

The Rebbe’s blessing perhaps means to receive the Torah as a truly personal gift, in a way that it permeates our existence and naturally brings us joy to be able to maintain it regardless of the effort.

May we all be blessed to have a truly meaningful relationship with G-d and receive the Torah with joy and pnimiyus.
Feel free to come study Torah with us late Saturday night and to hear the reading of the Ten Commandments on Sunday at 5pm (see info above # 1 and #2)

Thanks to my brother, Rabbi Kushi Schusterman, of Chabad Bel Air, Maryland for sharing the above thought.

Have a good Shabbos and may you receive the Torah bisimcha ubipnimiyus, with Joy and Inwardness!
Rabbi Mendel Schusterman